Here’s a collection of the music I’ve produced and released.

Own Compositions

“Dance of the Spheres”
(TetriNET Theme Song)

2016: YouTube
1996: MIDI file (misspelled “Dance of the Spheares”)

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KRLYK Slurring PaleSkinnySwede Remix

“Slurring (PaleSkinnySwede Remix)”

February, 2024: Spotify, YouTube

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“Worlds Collide (PaleSkinnySwede Remix)”

April, 2014: Spotify, YouTube

“Gonna Get U (PaleSkinnySwede Remix)”

2020: Spotify, YouTube

“I Want You (Pale Skinny Swede Remix)”

2014: Spotify, YouTube

Ray Grant
“The Trip”
Arrangement, Instruments, Backing Vocals, Production

May, 2016: Spotify, YouTube

Vidéo L’Eclipse
“Almost There (PaleSkinnySwede Remix)”

May, 2023: Spotify, YouTube

Upcoming Remixes

Fred Muskos feat Daniel Cooltmoore
“Play Me One Million Times (PaleSkinnySwede Remix)”

April, 2024: Spotify, YouTube

Joachim Rogalski
“Varandra (PaleSkinnySwede Remix)”

May, 2024: Spotify, YouTube

Mikael Vasara, Cecilia Johansson
“Himlen Faller Ned
(PaleSkinnySwede Radio Edit)”

“Himlen Faller Ned
(PaleSkinnySwede Remix)”

February, 2024: Spotify, YouTube