Fred Muskos feat Daniel Cooltmoore – Play Me One Million Times (PaleSkinnySwede Noise and Sound Remix)

Fredrik Muskos is a Swedish songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He mainly writes rock and heavier sort of pop and the original version of “Play Me One Million Times” is not an exception. When I first heard it I fell in love with the harmonies and Danny’s vocals. I asked if I could give it a try and Fredrik said “Yes!”.

I transformed the song into an uplifting trance remix at 136 bpm. I also made the verses more monotone than in the original and the first chord change comes right before the 5-minute mark when it explodes in a melodic mayhem.

With no further ado, here’s the remix with the longest title in the history of remixes;
Fredrik Muskos featuring Danny Cooltmoore – “Play Me One Million Times (PaleSkinnySwede Noise and Sound Remix)”.

Stream it here: