KRLYK Slurring PaleSkinnySwede Remix
KRLYK Slurring PaleSkinnySwede Remix

“Slurring” by Calgary-based artist KRLYK is a Chillstep song with an ethereal and airy feeling. From the first time I heard it I felt that it could also work as an Uptempo Space Trance song. The tempo in the original song is 70 bpm so it was an easy thing to just almost double it. I kept it at 134 bpm to not rush the remix too much.

To make it slightly more interesting, I also added some House flavoured leads in the first break which I’ve brought back at the outro of the song.

For the synthesiser nerds out there; the bassline is the DSI Prophet 12. The arpeggio in the chorus pretty much in the middle of the song is a combination of the the Prophet 12 and the Arturia PolyBrute. The rest of the remix is just software.

So with no further ado, you can stream it here: Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube or at any other streaming service for that matter.

KRLYK – “Slurring (PaleSkinnySwede Remix)”