Don’t Be Fooled By Fraudsters On Instagram

The Story of the Fake Sample Packs.

I regularly receive messages on Instagram about how to get more followers and stuff like that. They’re all just scammers trying to make a few Euros or cents using their bot farm. Sometimes there’s definitely something more music related that pops up.

Overdrive Audio

Last summer, “Liam Callghan” messaged me about The Ultimate Producer Pack. It’s a collection of 10,000 samples and the only thing you need to produce (and finish) songs. I received a link to a video on Vimeo and I must admit that it was very well-produced. I’m a bit curious why they’re avoiding YouTube. Could have something to do with their Content ID perhaps?

“Liam” asked me to pay £25 to get the pack before it was released, but the conversation died out. Maybe I should poke him again and ask how it went?

Ultrasonic Audio

This time, “James Tyler” tried to do the same. Same video, but on a different platform. It’s on Streamable this time. “James” wants me to try it out before everyone else. He told me the promotion video has just been finished even though it’s been ready for half a year 🤣

After a short while the price came in a message from him. Only £15 to be able to access it. When I checked their website, the pack is released and costs £128, but the website just looks like a straw-man. There are a lot of information missing, and that seems to be consistent when you look at the files in the sample pack.

I came across a post on Reddit that speculated in where the samples came from and they suspected that they came from Splice and just were renamed. It sounds plausible, but I haven’t had the time to research it. None of the files have a bpm or key signature in their file name. That cements my theory of batch renaming files in a folder to make it look like coherent and like all the files belong together. Even sample CDs from the late 1990’s have key and bpm in the file names.

Well… I got my hands on the 4GB ZIP file they’re trying to sell you — for free! You can read how it all played out in the screenshots below.

Stay vigilant. Stay safe.

Overdrive Audio Screenshots

Ultrasonic Audio Screenshots


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